'Megan loves animals, on a trip to the petting zoo she realises just how much.'

Written by: Paul Finan
Illustrated by: Áine McGuinness

"For if one eats with thought and care,
If one considers their digestive affairs,
If we contemplate the source,
And the circumstance of course,
We allow a truth to come to light,
Before we feast,
Before we take a bite.
And perhaps that will help,
Perhaps it just might."

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With every purchase we donate 20% of the profit to an organisation called Mercy For Animals. Our hope is that through sales of book one, we can fund another Megan adventure, and in turn, continue to help fund organisations such as Mercy For animals to continue do the important work that they do everyday.

So, not only will you have a shiny new story to enjoy, but you can enjoy it know that you've helped out a charity too!

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